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The most innovative smart care start up.
We discovered a different way to help construct the new era of medicine, with daily medical history and clinical autonomy


The first real-time, continuous vital signs monitoring system and activity recognition.


We start monitoring the most vulnerable population in real time, providing support for the family and for the healthcare team in treating the patient in the most effective way.


It connects your loved ones, health workers and health care centers in an immediate and timely fashion, saving lives and future of thousands.


With more types of bio sensors to come, we will be able to create a proactive health care system, monitoring many aspects of a human life we miss today.

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The features

Read up on our product features and learn all about the many advantages of on-body remote life monitoring system through Evolve

Incredible Design

We design Evolve to look elegant, feel comfortable while water and shock proof

Bio Sensors

Multiple-sensory inputs are fused together to monitor vital signs, falls and activities.

Big Data

The data generated will help predict diseases and improve quality of life and efficiency of care.

Plug and Play

Just put the patch on the back of your loved one and the main aspects of life are covered.

Fully Automatic

No panic buttons, no claims for help, no user intervention, not even battery replacement.

Dedicated Support

If any abnormality is detected, the health team is ready to take an action, 24/7/365.


Data is processed automatically generating a diagnosis, as well as direction for case management.


Get notified immediately by phone alerts or text if any event occurs.


Receive a daily report with detailed info about the activities and vital signs of your loved one.

Exponential Intelligence

As more devices become available, the system learns to detect new types of events.

Fully Aware

The system is always on, monitoring events in real time, 24/7, even during shower and sleep.

Context Sensitive

The system is capable of identifying human behavior to produce the most precise information.

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